For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the heating and cooling system in your home and about working with 24 Hour Air.

Once the thermostat is set, it should be left alone. The air filters inside the system need to be checked, cleaned, or changed each month. The outdoor fan should not be covered or obstructed, so it can receive proper airflow. Preventative Maintenance should be performed which include refrigerant level checks, indoor/outdoor coil inspections (cleaning, if needed) and duct inspections. Take a look at our PMP Maintenance Plans for helping reducing your energy costs. Make sure your registers are not blocked by furniture, area rugs, or drapes. During the winter, open your blinds to let the sun in to help warm your home. During the summer, close your blinds to block the sun’s heat from entering your home. Well-insulated attics will also improve the overall heating and cooling of your home!

You should inspect every filter each month and change or clean filters as needed. Time intervals frequently vary with each family and household. Dirty air filters will severely limit airflow, which can cause the compressor to run continuously. Dirty filters could cause a 20% or more increase in operating costs.

No; instead, raise the setting on the thermostat a few degrees. This will use less energy and still allow for the A/C system to recover when you lower the thermostat to your desired comfort level when you get home in the evening.

There are a couple. One is that you get constant filtering of the air in your home. The other is that because the air is moving, you have a more even temperature throughout the home.

A limited warranty covers specific parts (compressor, coil, heat exchanger, etc.); therefore, it is limited by the language in the warranty.

Extended warranties are generally purchased in addition to the equipment. Extended warranties cover all parts and may also include labor for the service call. An extended warranty protects you from unexpected and unbudgeted service calls for the duration of the warranty.

All parts have a 1-year warranty. This does not include Freon. If you have to add Freon, you have a leak, and the leak needs to be fixed in order to keep from adding Freon again.

All our new system installs with Bryant® equipment have a 10-year parts and 2-year labor warranty.

The average expected life of an air conditioner is approximately 10-15 years for builders grade equipment. The average expected life of a heat pump is approximately 10-12 years since it operates year round. The average expected life of a gas furnace or air handler is approximately 18 years. Units in harsh environments, those that are neglected, or are over / undersized tend to have shorter lives.

Covering the outdoor unit is not necessary. Air conditioners are manufactured to withstand all possible climate changes.
Rain actually helps keep your unit clean. Of course, heat pumps run all year long and should never be covered.

We can sell almost any brand of equipment available; however, we are a Bryant® dealer as from our experience, they are proven reliable.

Our PMP Maintenance Plan customers get perks! You get two (2) visits a year by the technician of your choice. We will check all working components and your refrigerant levels, as well as clean your system. You will also receive up to a 20% discount on all repairs as long as you are a PMP Customer.